Activity 3

Can AIs Understand Languages?


Game - Can you tell which of these two people is real and which is an AI Digital Assistant?

Here is the original video - play it after taking a poll on who the AI is



  • For those who guessed correctly as the lady calling for the haircut, what gave it away?

  • For those who guess the receptionist at the hair salon, why did you think that person was not real?

  • Do you think digital assistants can become so realistic that if you got a call, you would not be able to tell that it is an AI?

  • Is that a good or bad thing?

Let's build our own language AI

  • For this activity, we will use a free tool called Navigator available at

  • If you dont want to create an account, just use it as a guest. Click on Sign Up and select what you want.

Let build our AI

  • After you click on either `Get an account` or `use as a guest`, simply go to Navigator and we can build a language AI.

  • Please click on the avatar on top right corner and select `Go to Navigator`

This video is for the teacher 

In the class, do the steps live and ask students to follow you.

Trying out the AI

The video above shows how the students can try the AI. Please have them point out to you things that they think the AI got right and things the AI got wrong.

Things to try:

  • Try different sentences and record the ones that you think the AI predicted incorrectly

  • Enter double negative sentences like, `I am not happy`. How does the AI behave?

  • Try trick sentences like "I am so happy I am crying", or "I am crying with joy". Does the AI get confused by the word "crying"?

  • Try neutral sentences like "It is 4pm in the afternoon". Does the AI know that this neither happy nor sad? Can it give a third answer?