Sathee: Your New Companion

Meenakshi Nair - William J Hopkins Junior High School, CA

With around one third of the world population currently subject to self-isolation, the spectre of loneliness, regularly affects as many as more than 40 percent of seniors according to a University of California, San Francisco (UCSF) study.
My solution is a innovative chat bot that keeps you engaged.
Although, Saathee doesn’t pretend to be able to replace a real person, but she’s always available if anyone needs her, instead of talking to the four walls. The purpose of my chat bot is to be like a companion; hence the name Saathee which is Hindi for companion.

Here is the transcripts if you need to take notes!

The first presentation will be by minakshi. Meenakshi is a junior high school student and she will be speaking about her AI app called Sophie. 

All right, let me just share my screen. Okay. Hi everyone, my name is Meenakshi Nyah. And this is my project called Sadie. So the practice description, my solution is a chatbot that will ask questions and interact with the user to keep them from feeling lonely. So loneliness is a very widespread problem. And there are many studies that show that chatbots are extremely effective in reducing the levels of loneliness.

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