AI with IoT/Arduino (IOT1)

Suitable for students in middle school, high school and for developers looking to learn AI and IoT.

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Learn the intersection of two amazing technology fields, Artificial Intelligence and Internet of Things! Build an IoT prototype and teach an AI how to detect anomalies in it! Learn the basics of IoT, how edge works and how to build IoT devices. Learn Artificial Intelligence and apply your learning to build your own AI to manage your IoT system!

This course was developed jointly by IoT experts at JASMN TECH and Artificial Intelligence experts at AIClub!

Topics, Tools, and Modules:
  • What is IoT?

  • Learn the concept of a use case and how to define an IoT use case

  • Build your own IoT system with Arduino

    • ​Hardware

    • Software

    • Gather Data

  • What is Artificial Intelligence?

  • How do you build an AI?

    • ​Training and Prediction

    • Features, Labels and Datasets

    • Types of AI - Classification

  • Build an AI to detect anomalies in your IoT system, using the data you gathered from your prototype.

  • Use the same industry cloud tools that businesses and experts do, We show you how to use them easily. You can use the same tools as you do more advanced classes.

I spent the summer before college working on projects with JASMN.TECH. It was a great experience learning how to use single-board computers to apply for a variety of hands-on IoT applications.

Julian, High School Senior, SF Bay Area

November 5th, 2019

JASMN.TECH taught me how to put IoT theory into practice with easy to follow instructions to combine compute power and sensor technology for real-world use cases. I was able to use what I learned from JASM.TECH to computer science projects in college.

Johan, College Sophomore, California

September 10th, 2019

None. You will learn everything you need in this class

  • Certificate of Completion from AIClub.

  • Showcase your project online!

  • Lifetime hosting for your project!

  • A cloud account that they can use to build new ML and AI applications using their laptops, tablets or other devices.

  • An AIClub membership where they can access new projects, showcase their code, and participate in competitions.

  • Introduction into how AI and IoT work together to monitor and solve real world problems.

  • The Arduino kit can be used for many future projects in both IoT and AI!

Self Paced

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