AIStars Competition 2021

When: July 31st- Aug 7th, 2021

Deadline to Register: July 15th

AI will create the future. Who will create AI?

Artificial Intelligence is all around us and growing rapidly. The AI market is expected to be 190B in 2025 with AI in every industry and used in many jobs.

To help kids worldwide learn AI, we at AIClub are launching AIStars, for kids from ages 8-18 imagine the future with AI, build innovative projects, get guidance from expert mentors, and become part of a worldwide community of innovators. 

Why compete? You can have fun and build cool AI apps, learn from mentors and speakers, and meet other kids! You can use your project learnings in STEM fairs or other competitions, and showcase your project as an impressive accomplishment for college applications.

Join the competition!

Students between the ages of 8-18 can join the competition. Please register as an individual or a team. Up to 3 students can form a team.

The deadline to register is July 15th

Each team can apply AI to solve a problem in their community or further a United Nations Sustainable Development Goal.  

Agenda and Timeline

15th July 

Registration Ends

19th April 

Registration Starts

31st July and 1st August

Live Event Days

2nd-6th August

Teams Collaborate

with mentor guidance

7th August

Pitch/Demo Day

8th August

Winners Announced

Competiton Schedule

The competition will feature inspiring guest speakers and hands-on learning sessions to help you brainstorm, design, and build your AI-powered app!

After the kick-off, each team will have one week to build your app, with guidance from expert mentors.

Competition will conclude with Pitch Presentations and Prize Awards

Learning Sessions

Creative Design_39.png
Ideation: Deciding on a problem
Learn how to brainstorm, research and decide on a problem
July  31st
Artificial Intelligence_38.png
Introduction to AI 
Learn what Artificial Intelligence is and how to build one
July 31st
Creative Design_3.png
Design Thinking 
Learn how to design your solution and make it user-friendly
July 31st
Creative Design_45.png
Building a Website
Learn how to build a website for your solution
August 1st
Artificial Intelligence_41.png
Building an App
Learn how to build an app for your solution
August 1s
Creative Design_7.png
Pitching your solution
Learn how to pitch your solution to the judges
August 1st


Each team will submit a pitch deck describing their idea and prototype. Each team will also have an opportunity to present their idea to our international panel of expert judges. 

More information about the judges and the judging rubric will be made available shortly.


For every team member, a $100 gift card and a full year of courses from AIClub

Mentoring from Silicon Valley experts to continue your app!


For every team member, a $50 gift card and a full year of courses from AIClub


For every team member, a $25 gift card and. a full year of courses from AIClub


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