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K-12 and Parent Resources

A collection of great reads for parents interested in learning more about AI and the technologies that are changing the world!

AI Ethics Why You Should Care Forbes.jpg
AI Ethics: Why You Should Care

Like most transformative technologies, what AI will become in the future depends on decisions made by humans. As a technology, AI is capable of solving or causing our biggest problems.

AI Ethics What It Is And Why It Matters Forbes.jpg
AI Ethics: What It Is And Why It Matters

As AI proliferates, and governments attempt to catch up in structure and law to the fast growing technology, AI Ethics has emerged as a critical topic that everyone should be aware of. So, what is AI Ethics and why does it matter?

AI And DEI - A Match Made In K12 Heaven Forbes.jpg
AI And DEI - A Match Made In K12 Heaven?

Data suggests that AI is indeed one vehicle to drive more girls to computer science and STEM, and thereby be a positive force for DEI in K12.

The Rise Of The AI-Enabled Practitioner Forbes.jpg
The Rise Of The AI-Enabled Practitioner

As AI becomes more prevalent in every industry, all of us will become AI-enabled practitioners. Will you be ready?

Traveling safely during the Pandemic — My real-world use of an AIClub Student App Medium.p
Traveling safely during the Pandemic — My real-world use of an AIClub Student App

In this blog I describe how I used CO2 Sensei — an app by Middle School AIClub students — available in the Apple App Store, to keep myself safe during a trip.

AI Is Here. Are your kids ready. Medium.png
AI is here. Are your kids ready?

From Alexa to movie recommendations to self-driving cars, AI is all around our kids. But do our kids really understand them? Our kids may use Snapchat, Instagram, or TikTok far more than we do, but that does not mean they understand these new technologies and how they interact with our lives and our information.

AI And EdTech: A Match Made In Heaven?

The past year has been difficult, but it has also generated fundamental innovations, particularly in AI, which are likely to help the lives of parents and kids well into the future after this pandemic becomes a memory.

AI And EdTech A Match Made In Heaven Forbes.jpg
Programming for Kids - Medium.jpeg
Programming for Kids: A Guide for Parents and Teachers

Code is now a universal language. By learning how to program, kids can express their creativity, show off their skills, find a passion, friends, and communities that will nurture them for life.

AI and Math — A Guide for Parents

AI can be a great way to increase interest in Math, and an interest in Math can lead to an interest in AI. By showing students how AI and math are related, they can see things they see every day (like Alexa, shopping recommendations, self driving cars etc.) and become curious about the math that powers it all!

Why Project Based AI Learning? A Guide for Parents

In this article we focus on how to learn AI, and in particular why project based learning is so helpful for K-12 students to both learn and enjoy AI.

Programming and AI: A Guide for Parents

Many parents of K-12 students ask me how much programming their student should know, in this article we cover how much!

Seven Reasons why Elementary, Middle, and High School Students Should Learn AI

AI is shaping up to be one of the most transformative technologies of our generation. We describe what AI is, the experiences of students who have learned it with our help, and why we believe all students should learn AI.

AI And Girls: Not Repeating The Past

In this blog post, we explain how AI can be uniquely appealing to girls and how AI and Girls can be a powerful combination for the girl, the family, and their community.

Artificial Intelligence and Robotics: A Guide for Parents

In this blog post, we describe in more detail what each topic (Artificial Intelligence and Robotics) is, what it involves, and answer various questions parents may have when deciding to help their kids do activities in either or both of these areas.

Should My Child Be Polite To Alexa? Navigating The Complex World Of Human-AI Interaction

Should children be taught to treat a device that can interact with them in a human-like manner the same way that they would treat other humans? Should children get opinions from such devices? Should they defer to such devices and see them as parental or authority figures?

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