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Weekend Coding Practice with AIClub!

As most professional software engineers know, learning the concepts of coding is only the first step. True experts and coding ninjas get there by sharpening their skills with practice, solving as many problems as they can.

In Coding Practice - a free service from AIClub

  •  Any student grades 4-12 can join. It is free

  •  Once a week, for 1-hour live session, we provide python problems in three difficulty levels. Pick any problem you like and work on it. Easy problems can be done by anyone with basic coding knowledge. Hard problems are at USACO bronze level. Medium is in between.

  •  There is a mentor in the live session. Submit your code to the mentor and get live feedback over zoom.

  •  New problems are posted each week, along with solutions for the past week's problems.

  •  An online community where you can get tips/tricks and share solutions with fellow student coders

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