Custom Nutrition via AI Recommendations

Anay Pant - The Athenian School, CA

During the pandemic, many people have seemed to not discern a major problem apart from the disease. Many are disregarding the fact to eat good food at natural times. These people (admittedly including myself) are not paying attention to the food they eat and at what time, deteriorating their health.

Anay's solution to this? He has made an application that can recommend food to any user but with a twist: In His app, the most unique function is that the app personalizes the dataset for each user!

Here is the transcripts if you need to take notes!

Our final presentation but by no means the least, is a by an a and an A is going to be talking about how to use AI to help people, you know, practice better nutrition, which I think is an extremely important area made even worse, unfortunately, by the pandemic where we're all stuck at home and eating things that we shouldn't be eating. So take it away any.


Thank you Nisha. unshare, my screen real quick. So Hello, everyone. My name is Anay. And my project today is eat right, which is a nutrition app to help people get their nutrition back up. So basically eat right is an app that tracks and suggests foods for users based on their nutrition.

If you have any questions, feel free to drop us a message!

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