TomatoGenius: Detecting Disease in Tomato Leaves

Mihit Puvvala - Basis Independent, CA

The COVID-19 Pandemic has infected people of many races and ages and I fear to imagine if a disease like that emerged in crops. Crops are the number one source of food for humans and diseases can easily wipe them out. With that inspiration, Mihit created an AI service that can predict what disease a tomato plant has such as Early Blight, Late Blight, Septoria, Curl Virus.

Here is the transcript if you need to take notes!

Okay, next up we have met. And me hip is going to be speaking with us about how to detect diseases and tomato plants. Take it away me hit. Thanks, Shanti. So, hi, I'm sorry. One second. Yeah, that's the right mode, my head. Yeah, we can see the sights, and you can see the note.

Hi, my name is Mihit and today I will be presenting my AI model tomato genius. So this project is focused on finding the best method in order to identify common diseases just by taking a look at the deletes of tomato plants. So in this presentation, I'll be telling you the steps that I took to make my model which includes debugging and tools that are used.

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