Predict with AI: Detecting Diabetic Retinopathy

Anika Pallapothu - The Harker School, CA

As diabetes rates increase worldwide, diabetic retinopathy is a serious issue that affects many people. Artificial Intelligence solutions that assist local doctors treat more people can greatly impact the global treatment of this disease. That is why eighth grade Anikas AI: Diagnosing of Diabetic Eye Diseases Using Convolutional Neural Networks for Computer Vision was named a finalist at the prestigious Broadcom Masters Competition.

Here is the transcripts if you need to take notes!

Okay, next up, we have a Nika and a Nika will be Arnica is a high schooler at the Parker school in California and she will be speaking about diabetic retinopathy.

Take it away.


Can you see the presentation? Yes, we can. Okay. Hello, my name is onika polpo through element ninth grader at the Harker school in San Jose, California. My project title is predict using AI. diagnosing a diabetic eye disease is some kind of delusional neural networks for computer vision.

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