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In Celebration of Women's Day!

We would like to turn the spotlight on the incredible girls and women that work in tech to change the world we live in for the better!

Artificial Intelligence is the future 

 AIClub strongly believes in equipping students with the knowledge of AI. We particularly believe that AI Literacy can help all students from all walks of life realize their passions and get excited about learning technology - whether it is Computer Science, STEM, or some other aspect.

We have firsthand experience of the power of AI education in changing students' lives. We have specially seen how girls thrive in AI and technological disciplines! Check out the slide deck below to find out more!

Real-time Waste Segregation at the Individual Level: The Smart Waste Sorter

Shriya Shukla and Atul Dubey

Proc. SPIE 12528, Real-Time Image Processing and Deep Learning 2023

Real-time Waste Segregation at the Individual Level The Smart Waste Sorter.PNG

Artificial Intelligence Assisted Violin Performance Learning

Hannah Zhang and Nisha Talagala

Journal of Emerging Investigators

Artificial intelligence assisted violin performance.PNG

Early Detection of Alzheimer’s via Machine Learning with Multi-Modal Data

Danika Gupta

Proceedings Volume 12227, Applications of Machine Learning 2022

Early detection of Alzheimers via machine learning with multi-modal data.PNG

Edge Sensor and Machine Learning Based Ventilation Management to Reduce Airborne Disease Spread

Danika Gupta, Meenakshi Nair, Shriya Shukla

2023 IEEE World AI IoT Congress (AIIoT)

CO2 Sensei Artificial Intelligence.png

Here are some amazing projects by our AIClub girls

All our students are encourage to take part in competitions with the projects they create with us. Over 50% of our competition winners are girls and we couldnt be more proud!