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High School Classes

With AIClub's advanced courses, learn AI algorithms, Advanced Python Coding, Mobile Application Development and Cloud Computing in AWS and GCP.

Build projects for competition, entrepreneurship and  research publication. Stand out in your college applications.

Our PhD mentors have decades of industry and research experience and multiple successful startups. Leverage this experience to help you develop your passion and distinguish yourself!

Technology Class
Studying Together


  • If you are starting from scratch, no worries! Our intro classes cover all necessary pre-requisites. You only need to know the math level expected at grade 9.
    If you already know how to code - you can go directly to our more advanced classes. Please see pre-requisites or contact for a custom consultation.
    Want to publish novel research? Our mentors will guide you! Many of our students have created unique projects that are competition and publication worthy. Some are working on patent applications as well.

  • Progressive curriculum, over 12 courses in all. Build a strong portfolio of AI, tech and research skills prior to college!

Live online 

  • Learn how AI works, from AI experts with real-world experience

  • All courses are online with live instruction. Interact with teachers in between classes via AIClub's Slack system
    Custom project in each course. Build a new addition to your portfolio with each course or continue with the same project across courses - its your choice



  • Start with a course that fits with your previous experience - we will help you find the right course! Contact for a custom consultation.

  • Over 12 courses in all, plus 1:1 custom tutoring for research projects, competitions and publications.

  • Build cool projects to showcase your skills in your college applications!

Why Learn with us?

Our lead teachers have 5 PhDs between them (in Software, AI, Computer Science, Distributed Systems and Math)

Our staff has >100 research publications, >200 patents, 4 startups founded, and over 50 years of combined software and AI industry experience

IOS (iPhone Apps)


iPhone Apps with AI (IOS1)

8 weeks, 1.5 hours each week

Prerequisites : None