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Internship Program

AIClub students have distinguished themselves with their proven ability to build AI and data science projects with real world data. Our internship program helps students take this experience to the next level.
Via our partnerships with industry professionals and open source projects. AIClub offers select students an opportunity to work with industry experts on real world projects.
Completed projects are put into commercial use, giving students an invaluable opportunity to see the full product development cycle in action, from problem definition to end user feedback. 

An example project (currently underway)


AIClub has partnered with a medical professional to create an AI powered app for elderly patients. This app enables patients to track their medications, ensure that medications are taken on time, and uses AI to help the elderly manage complex medication information with computer vision and other related technologies.


What are the students doing?

  • Understanding the problem and user requirements

  • Designing and building the mobile app and the AIs

  • Iterating on the application to incorporate real-world user feedback.

Students work in teams (also getting invaluable team experience and networking - making connections). Each team is paired with an AIClub mentor. Our mentors have decades of industry, product and technology experience which they use to guide the teams to success.

Our internship program is available to Middle School and High School students who have taken at least one AIClub class or are part of the 1:1 or Launchpad programs. If you have any questions about the internship program, please fill out the form below for a free consultation.

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