AI Advanced Course (M2/H1)

AI Basics shows students what AI is and how to use it. In this class, students learn how AI works internally, how to tune AI and improve its performance, how to select the right AI for different problems, and how to apply AI to games and competitions.

Learn a core skill that is in demand by future jobs from the comfort of your home, completely online! With more than 25% of jobs moving to automation and AI, now is the time for your child to get introduced to the field of Artificial Intelligence (AI)!

Learn Artificial Intelligence - a new technology that is shaping our world!

Artificial Intelligence (AI) is how Google search, Alexa, Siri, auto-correct, speech translation, face recognition, self-driving cars, etc. learn from data and humans. Get your student an edge in school, competitions and preparation for college and careers by learning AI!

Why AIClub workshops?

• Designed by AI experts with PhDs in Computer Science!

• Only workshops where students build AIs in their first class! Students love building AIs and learning how they work!

We have no math or programming requirement. If they would like to code, they can do that also! Kids get interested and start building fun AI applications and also get motivated to learn programming, math and more STEM topics.

Please see our brochure for more info about our programs!


Learn the details of different types of Machine Learning algorithms and tune them to optimize their performance for any application. While AI Basics covers how to use different algorithms in Regression and Classification, here we describe how they work internally and how to tune them. We also cover introduce an important new type of algorithm. Neural Networks (Deep Learning), which is used to understand images, sound and video.

Topics, Tools, and Modules:

• Learn the details of ML algorithms, specifically


• Decision Trees

• Linear Regression

• Neural Networks

• Build and tune the hyper-parameters of these ML algorithms to build end-to-end working systems. Learn what hyper-parameters are, now they control the behavior of these algorithms, and how to modify them. Learn core concepts of regularization and feature engineering.

• Learn to understand the type of problem and suitable algorithm in publicly available datasets such as Kaggle.

• Train an AI to learn and compete in a target shooting game. Teach your AI to point correctly at the target. You can use either active game play or mathematics to create your training set.

• Bring your own data and build a custom AI driven application in a code lab. You can program in any language you like. We will provide examples in Python, Scratch, Java and Javascript.


• Bring your own Laptop to class

• The AI Basics class (M1) or students in Grade 8 and higher. Please contact if you are not sure about satisfying this requirement.

• Basic linear algebra and probability background will be useful, but not a strict requirement.

What Students Take Away

• Certificate of Completion from AIClub.

• A cloud account that they can use to build new ML and AI applications using their laptops, tablets or other devices.

• An AIClub membership where they can access new projects, showcase their code, and participate in competitions. Completing the advanced course will equip them with the skills they need to develop and showcase more advanced projects, and compete in advanced competitions.

Projects built by students taking our courses