AI Advanced II Course (M4/H3)

This course is for anyone who has either taken AI basics (M1) or is in 8th grade or higher. AI Basics shows students what AI is and how to use it. In this class, students learn the internals of powerful AI algorithms in Decision Trees and Natural Language Processing (NLP). They learn how to tune these algorithms and advanced concepts such as Overfitting and Explainability.
Suitable for:

• Students in grade 7 and above

• Or those who have taken AI Basics (M1) or AI Advanced I (M2)

• Or those in Grade 6 and higher who have taken an introductory Algebra class.

Learn Artificial Intelligence - a new technology that is shaping our world!

Learn a core skill that is in demand by future jobs from the comfort of your home, completely online! With more than 25% of jobs moving to automation and AI, now is the time for your child to get introduced to the field of Artificial Intelligence (AI)!

Artificial Intelligence (AI) is how Google search, Alexa, Siri, auto-correct, speech translation, face recognition, self-driving cars, etc. learn from data and humans. Get your student an edge in school, competitions and preparation for college and careers by learning AI!

Why learn AI?

AI is all around us! From self driving cars, to movie recommendations on Netflix, to Alexa, Siri or Google homes, we interact with AIs every day. Learn how they work, how they “think” and how you can build one of your own!

Parents - AI is a technology that is changing our lives and future careers. It is a great time to introduce your child to the field of Artificial Intelligence! In our innovative classes and camps - students learn the powerful technologies of Artificial Intelligence and Machine Learning in a fun and accessible way, and build working projects immediately. Most of our students want to learn more AI, programming and math even after finishing a class! Some have gone forward to win competitions! Spark a love of technology that will stay with them through college, powered by our comprehensive Elementary, Middle School and High School programs where they can continue to learn AI and Programming!

Kids - Would you like to teach an AI to play games like shooting targets or tic-tac-toe? Build fun AI apps that can predict your favorite book, favorite Pokemon, or sport? Are you passionate about solving problems in your community like improving recycling, helping the blind, or helping reduce bullying? All of these projects have been done by students who have learned AI! AI is powerful and easy to learn and can be used for all sorts of projects.

Why choose AIClub?

• Designed by AI experts with PhDs in Computer Science!

• Only workshops where students build AIs in their first class! Students love building AIs and learning how they work!

We have no math or programming requirement. If they would like to code, they can do that also! Kids get interested and start building fun AI applications and also get motivated to learn programming, math and more STEM topics.

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This course enables students to learn more advanced Machine Learning algorithms.

AI Basics covered conceptual understanding and intuition behind regression and classification.

In this course we will extend to learning the Random Forest algorithm and exploring Text Classification using the Unigram Model, a subset of Natural language processing! We will learn how these algorithms work internally [their parameters], their advantages/disadvantages, and how to tune them to best adapt to the problem at hand. A final interesting aspect of this class is the topic of algorithmic fairness and bias we will discuss--important to be aware of in data ethics. 

What students will do:

• Learn about the Random Forest algorithm

• What are decision trees?

• Gain expertise on tuning the parameters that are used to deploy random forest models, i.e. number of trees and maximum depth.

• Learn more about Text Classification, a subset of NLP

• What is the bag of words/Unigram Model?

• Learn more in depth how sentiment analysis works [i.e. decision boundary in classification]. This was first introduced in AI Basics as an introductory project.

• Explore knowledge learned, to train an AI to learn and compete in a target shooting game!

• How can we teach the AI to point correctly at the target? What rules/mathematical knowledge can we use when creating the training set?

• Discover what algorithmic fairness means.

• How can we quantify fairness? [Is it even possible to “measure” a term that is an ethics based concept]

• Understand the types of bias that can result when automated decision making is applied to real world data.

• Automation bias, sample bias, implicit bias… what are the differences?

• As a culminating project + presentation, the students will build a custom project of their choice with their deeper level of understanding on algorithms! (*note - if they are interested in participating in a competition, they are welcome to bring their project in for this class)*

What Students Take Away

• A working image classification project (running application) that you can showcase and share.

• Training in usage of deep neural networks using powerful cloud tools.

• A Navigator account which you can use for future AI projects and competitions.

• Certificate of Completion


• Bring your own Laptop to class

• The AI Basics class (M1) AI Advanced II class or Students in Grade 7 and above.

• Course in Introductory Algebra


Duration: 6 weeks / 1.5 hours per session

We offer a range of dates and times to accommodate busy schedules.

Also - note that since we use entirely online tools, if a student must miss a class, it is easy for them to do the required work at home. We provide materials for missed classes and drop in times for students to come in for personal assistance on material covered in a missed class. We do ask however that the student attend the first and last class since this is needed for them to get oriented and also complete their custom project.

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My 12 year old and some of her friends have attended one of the classes. I was really impressed by how much she learnt in one sitting and how intelligently she described what AI was later that evening to a cousin she was talking to. They absolutely loved it! They can't wait for the next batch of classes to start. She is so intrigued, she is requesting me to enroll her for all future classes I can!

Sonal Shukla


My kids (12 and 10) enjoyed the class very much. They are now able to articulate their much deeper understanding of AI with clarity. he approach of the class really opens up kids' imagination and creativity, demystifies AI to kids and makes it easy and fun. The kids also get to give a presentation on their creation -- a great practice for their presentation skill, a much needed real-world skill. I highly recommend this provider!


Mom of two Middle Schoolers