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Open Sourcing Medicine Discovery with DeepChem

Dr. Bharath Ramsundar 

Bharath Ramsundar, PhD is the founder and CEO of Deep Forest Sciences, a start-up working to accelerate the use of AI in deep tech. Dr. Ramsundar is also the lead maintainer of the DeepChem project, an open source consortium working to build software for open source medicine discovery. Bharath previously co-founded Computable, a venture-backed start-up building better tools for collaborative dataset management. Dr. Ramsundar has a Computer Science Ph.D. from Stanford University. His research and professional interests include the application of deep learning in drug discovery. Bharath is the lead author of “TensorFlow for Deep Learning :From Linear Regression to Reinforcement Learning”, a developer’s introduction to modern machine learning, with O’Reilly Media, and the lead author of “Deep Learning for the Life Sciences”.

Here is the transcripts if you need to take notes!

So now we'll kind of jump into our keynote, I was my tremendous pleasure to introduce octoberat.

So Dr. Ron sundara is a an extremely accomplished in our individual, he got his PhD from Stanford, and he is a renowned expert in, in both machine learning as well as drug discovery, he has written two books TensorFlow for deep learning from linear regression to reinforcement learning, as well as deep learning for the life sciences. He's also the lead architect, sorry, the lead developer for a piece of software called Deep cam, which I believe is now the kind of the preeminent software for drug discovery in open source, if I'm not mistaken. And so he's done some really amazing work as well as founded two companies. So I'd like to introduce him and he's going to be speaking about AI in drug discovery and medicine in general. Welcome up.

Thank you for the very kind introduction, Nisha, are you? Is everyone able to hear me all right?

Yes, we can hear you. Yes. Okay. Wonderful. Let me just go ahead and share my slides. One sec.

Okay, is everyone able to see kind of the slide deck? Okay.

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