AI Books for Kids: Great books to start with

Updated: Apr 11

Artificial Intelligence AI books for elementary students, middle school students, high school students textbook

Why AI books for kids?

Artificial Intelligence is all around us. By learning AI, kids can better understand devices around them (like Digital Assistants) and also get excited about technology and STEM. Books are a great way to introduce kids to AI - whether by reading aloud with a parent (for younger kids) or by studying the topic with a teacher or in a class.

What ages can kids start with AI books?

Many people think that AI is only for grown-ups since it has a lot of math. Even though AI does have a lot of math to start with - kids do not need any of that to understand and appreciate how AI works and what it can do. Our elementary school books are great for kids as young as 4 years old to read with a parent, and for older elementary kids to read on their own.

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