AI for Kids: Resources and Guide

Updated: Apr 11

How kids and beginners can start learning Artificial Intelligence AI and AI-Literacy

Artificial Intelligence is all around us, and now our kids can also learn AI. In this blog post, we answer some basic questions that parents and teachers may have about AI and how kids can learn it.

What is Artificial Intelligence?

Artificial Intelligence (or AI) is how computers learn to do tasks that human brains can do. Examples include recognizing what you see, making plans and strategies, solving problems, etc.

Why AI for kids?

Artificial Intelligence is all around our kids today, from the digital assistants in our homes to product and movie recommendations, to auto-correct and facial recognition on phones, and more. Giving kids an introduction to AI helps them understand the world around them and the technologies that will be part of their future.

At what age should you start learning AI?

We have found that kids even as young as 4 years old can learn AI (see these books as a great way for a parent or teacher to show kids the AIs around them). Elementary school kids can even build their own AIs these days. Middle schoolers can build great science fair projects and also use AI to solve problems in their community. High school students can use AI for advanced science fairs and entrepreneurship projects and even write AI-based research papers. Our students have done all of these and more.