AI for Social Good: Helping Nature and Birds with Machine Learning

Updated: Apr 11

Using Artificial Intelligence AI for Social Good

Artificial Intelligence offers many opportunities for Middle School and High School students to create socially impactful projects. In this blog we answer common questions about how to use AI for social good, and also share a talk by Dr Manjari Jain - an accomplished biologist - who talks to kids about how AI and Machine Learning can be used to study nature.

What is AI for Social Good?

AI for social good is a term given to projects that use different AI techniques to solve environmental and societal problems and assist humans in various ways. Examples are AIs that can detect wildfires or predict the direction of wildfires, AIs that can identify plastic in the ocean and protect marine life, AIs that can help rural communities diagnose diseases or find clean water, etc.

How can AI be used for social good?

AI algorithms are very good a detecting patterns, whether they be patterns in pictures, in text, or any other kind of data. This ability can be harnessed by a very large number of social good projects. In the example above - the AI that detects wildfires can be trained by satellite or drone images to tell the difference between an area with a wildfire and an area without. Once trained, this AI can be used to automatically detect wildfires and wildfire spread.

What Social Good AI projects can Middle School students do?

Middle School students studying with AIClub have done the following social good projects that are great examples for other kids. Mihit built TomatoGenius - an AI that can detect the health of tomato plants and help farmers diagnose diseases in their crops. Anika built an AI to detect Diatbetic Retinopathy from eye scans, and Shriya built an AI to help the deaf communicate using ASL. Middle school students can do many projects to help society and the environment by using Deep Neural Networks and Image Classification.

What Social Good AI projects can High School students do?

AIClub high school students have also done many socially impactful projects. Check out Abhinav’s project that uses advanced AI - Transformers and BERT - to detect whether tweets contain evidence of disasters. Anay built an AI to recommend nutritious food to users and help them eat healthier. High School students can do advanced projects using powerful software like PyTorch and TensorFlow, and build AIs to classify images, process text and natural language, and more.

Dr Manjari Jain’s talk

In the video below, Dr Manjari Jain talks about how she uses AI and Machine Learning to detect bird calls and classify different types of birds from the sounds that they make. This type of AI can be used for everything from nature education to t