Learning about Data Science Careers: For Middle School, High School and other Kids

Updated: Apr 11

How can you prepare for a Data Science career? What kind of career is a Data Scientist?

Data Science (a part of Artificial Intelligence) is one of the fastest-growing careers in technology and the world in general. In this blog, we answer common questions about Data Science, and include a presentation by an amazing Data Scientist, Sarah Haq, from AIStars 2021 - where she discussed her work as a data scientist with elementary, middle and high school students!

First, answers to a few common questions:

What is Data Science?

Data Science is the area of Artificial Intelligence that focuses on understanding data, data patterns, and ways to get information and insights out of data. Data Science is used by companies in every industry to understand their customers, improve their products, become safe, more profitable, etc.

Is Data Science a good career?