2022 STEM, AI and Entrepreneurship Competitions for High Schoolers - The Definitive Guide

Updated: Apr 11

How to join STEM Artificial Intelligence AI Entrepreneurship competitions for high school students

Here is our annual list of STEM, AI, and Entrepreneurship Competitions for High School Students! These competitions help high schoolers develop research quality ideas, learn how to construct a set of experiments and prove a hypothesis, try entrepreneurship in a for-profit or non-profit context, learn how to pitch, and win honors that they can showcase in college applications and more.

What is a STEM competition for High School?

In STEM competitions, students use any combination of science, coding, AI, software and hardware to solve important problems. STEM competitions can include science fairs. Some are team competitions and others have individual entries. In high school, competitions expect students to use real world data and prove their hypothesis with prototypes, experiments and possibly user studies.

What is an AI Competition for High School?

AI can be its own competition or can be an element of any other competition. AI is usually a great way to create innovation or add unique value to any project-based STEM, social good, or innovation competition. Some competitions focus heavily on the AI part, while others consider it a distinguishing feature that they will give extra marks for in judging. While these aspects are the same for middle school and high school AI competitions, the primary difference is the quality of the dataset used. High school projects focus on credible large datasets that are respected by the research community. As such, frequently more advanced coding and AI techniques are needed to process and derive insights from these datasets.