Text to Speech in Python

Updated: Apr 11

How to convert text into speech in Python, Python-based program

What does this program do?

This program takes a piece of text and says it out loud, so someone can hear it.

Steps to Convert Text to Speech

Some people think that it is very difficult and time consuming to create a text to speech program. However, truth be told, text to speech is simple and a straight forward process.

On a high level, below are the list of steps to convert Text to Speech:

i. import modules

ii. Store text in a variable

iii. Use the package gtts to create sounds

iv. Save the sounds in a file

v. Play the file

Step #1: Install Packages

These instructions are meant for python 3.8, if you have an older version you can upgrade or try to follow along, but the code won’t be exactly the same.

Before you start writing python codes, let’s install some packages.

Go to the terminal and type “pip install” with the package name. An example is, “pip install gtts” and press “enter” key.

Similarly, install all the packages listed in the table below, in different lines in the terminal: