To Be or Not to Be Shakespeare: Taking AI Back in Time

Dylan Karmin, Central Middle School, San Carlos, CA

Dylans project is called 'to be Shakespeare or not to be Shakespeare-bringing AI back in time'. He took data from Shakespearean and non Shakespearean texts, and trained the AI on them. He chose the AI that best analyzed the data and asked it whether it thought a disputed Shakespearean play was actually written by Shakespeare himself.

He chose this project because he wanted to learn more about AI and thought it'd be interesting to apply it to something like literature. Shakespeare is one of the most famous writers, so Dylan decided to combine his plays and AI to create this project.

Here is the transcripts if you need to take notes!

Dylan is going to be talking about something entirely different, which is the use of AI to predict whether or not a play was written by Shakespeare. So take it away, Diller. 


Thanks for letting me share my screen. So everyone can see this I hope me present Yes, we can see it. So for my project is called to be Shakespeare or not to be Shakespeare bringing AI back in time.

If you have any questions, feel free to drop us a message!

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