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Fundamentals of Artificial Intelligence  Volume 1
For Middle School and High School Students 

Artificial Intelligence is all around us. For Middle School and High School students, AI is an opportunity to build critical future skills, learn how to apply technology to solve real-world problems in varied disciplines from medicine to social good and develop independent opinions about technologies around them and how they affect human lives.

This textbook covers the fundamentals of AI at a level of math and coding that matches middle school and high school capabilities. Following AIClub’s 4C’s approach to AI Literacy, this textbook covers core Concepts of AI, from learning and prediction to deep dives into both Machine Learning and Deep Learning algorithms. Students learn the Context of how these technologies are applied in various industries. Many exercises (both unplugged and online, and coding and no-code) in each chapter help students build hands-on AI Capability, and project ideas help students explore their Creativity with AI-powered custom projects that they can use for Science Fairs, social good, and entrepreneurship.

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Here are some reviews by users that love our textbook!
Prosthetic Hand

This is an amazing book which can be used by people across the spectrum (from middle school kids to industry professionals) to understand the fundamentals of Artificial Intelligence & Machine Learning. The book starts by outlining the basic concepts related to Learning in AI using Data (while highlighting Ethics & Bias related issues) and then makes the reader familiar with various core algorithms related to Classification, Regression, Nearest Neighbor & Clustering and ends with an overview of Deep Learning. What I liked about this book is that in addition to building the concepts in an easy-to-comprehend manner, it has sections dedicated in every chapter to help teachers plan their course-delivery, along with detailed coding exercises which makes this a good self-contained book for unplugged delivery. I believe that along with middle and high-school students and teachers, the L&D (Learning & Development) Departments in companies across the industry can leverage this book to educate their employees.

Tushar Kant - Director Product Management AWS - Artificial Intelligence and Cloud Computing.

Clearly written with great examples. Teachers corners with QR code links is very useful.

Balint Fleischer - Amazon

Building Robot
Boy with DIY Robot

I love how the book starts with a gentle introduction to AI coupled with hands-on activities, real life examples and discussions. It gives an amazing intuition into how AI learns and works. The deeper topics about how specific algorithms work etc are presented very well. It assumes no background and provides a path to create your own AIs. There are online activities, unplugged activities, coding exercises, teachers corners, assessments.. it has everything! Definitely recommended for middle and high school kids or even adults who want to understand this topic and build things.

Giridhar - Amazon

There is nothing out there like this and there needs to be.

Anne - FETC

Girl with DIY Robot

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