Recorded Webinars 

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K12 Webinars


Kids can build their own AI without prior knowledge of programming! Learn about AI Club's approach in teaching AI to kids and get answers to your common AI questions.


Teach your kids the basics of building a fun apps that they can use themselves!


Coding and programming are basic literacies in the digital age, and it is important for kids to understand and be able to work with and understand the technology around them. Here's how you can help your children with their communication, creativity, math,writing, and confidence. 


Artificial intelligence is the future! teach your kids the fundamentals of AI with easy learning techniques and specialized curriculums. 


AI is a critical skill for many future jobs. How can kids get ready?

Usages of AI


Use historical data from your business along with the help of AI to forecast and plan.


Bias is a human judgement and a human problem that is manifested into AI technolgies unitentially when we develop them. This webinar focuses on how we can reduce AI bias when it comes to the programs we develop for our businesses. Contact us at if you have any queries


Time is precious, here is how to use AI to optimize scheduling for your business. Our use case for this webinar will be medical appointments. Contact us at if you have any queries


Target your offerings to different customer by determing if they fit the criteria! Here's how to use AI to better target your services to customers. 


As it become increasingly important for businesses to understand their customers, We show you how to employ AI and ML to conduct Sentimental Analysis and interpret customers feedback.


Learn how to use AI to understand pricing and factors that affect pricing in a business.


We dicuss what Churn is in a business context and how to use AI to manage churn. Futhermore we learn more about how to manage customer retention.