Fundamentals of Artificial Intelligence - For Middle School and High School Students

Artificial Intelligence is all around us. For Middle School and High School students, AI is an opportunity to build critical future skills, learn how to apply technology to solve real-world problems in varied disciplines from medicine to social good and develop independent opinions about technologies around them and how they affect human lives.

This textbook covers the fundamentals of AI at a level of math and coding that matches middle school and high school capabilities. Following AIClub’s 4C’s approach to AI Literacy, this textbook covers core Concepts of AI, from learning and prediction to deep dives into both Machine Learning and Deep Learning algorithms. Students learn the Context of how these technologies are applied in various industries. Many exercises (both unplugged and online, and coding and no-code) in each chapter help students build hands-on AI Capability, and project ideas help students explore their Creativity with AI-powered custom projects that they can use for Science Fairs, social good, and entrepreneurship.

Full book to be released soon, please check out the table of contents in the preview below..

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