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AI is one of the most transformative technologies of our generation.  Want to give your kids an edge? AIClub students have distinguished themselves by solving real world problems, giving them a head start on college applications and the jobs of the future. One on one classes provide individual attention and cater to the unique needs and goals of each student.

What are one on one classes?

One on one classes are customized learning programs tailored to each individual student. The topic of AI and coding is very wide and deep. We help the student with focussed learning in their area of interest in AI. We start with a free consultation, and then create a learning program to meet the student's needs and goals.

What can a student accomplish in these one on one classes?

This depends on the unique needs of the student. The program itself is flexible to cater to the unique needs of each student. Past students in one on one classes have learnt topics to create unique high quality projects that they can submit in either science fairs, conferences or journals. Some students take these one on one classes to learn coding in the context of AI. Students can take these classes to help them learn about AI as an ongoing process as well.


What are the prerequisites a student should have to join this program?

There are no prerequisites to get started with this program. This program is recommended for middle and high school students who are interested in AI. The curriculum is customized and adjusted based on the student background and goals.

How does the 1:1 Program Work?

Consultation (Free)

A 20 minute meeting with one of our lead mentors - to understand the kid's and parent's goals and propose a program.

Custom Program, Pace and Schedule

Program tailored to the kid's needs, goals and schedule. AIClub brings in teachers as needed for AI, coding, IoT, app development, research and more, to help the student meet their goals.


Pricing is custom depending on project. 

1:1 Slack Channel and Progess Reports

1:1 Slack Channel for communication between live sessions. All live sessions recorded and available for reference. Periodic updates for parents.

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AIClub 1:1 FAQ

What are the different types of 1:1 programs?

AIClub offers three types of 1:1 programs

  • Research 1:1s
  • AI learning 1:1s
  • Coding learning 1:1s
Research 1:1s are targeted programs for students who are looking to accomplish a project objective - such as defining and completing a science fair project, publishing a paper, or entering a competition. In Research 1:1s, we work with the student and family to design a custom curriculum and schedule for the project. The curriculum includes, depending on the student and project needs, mentoring, concept and practice learning in AI, coding or research practice,as well as guidance on preparing reports, presentations and videos for submission for their target audience. AIClub assigns a mentor who will guide the student through the overall project, as well as instructors for targeted areas like AI, coding, presentation skills, etc. Our design team also works closely with students who need to submit polished videos or other content for their competition entries. AI learning 1:1s are customized learning programs where a student can build skills and expertise in AI in a 1:1 setting with personalized teacher attention and flexible schedule. We start with an assessment of the student’s current knowledge and then teach them to become an AI expert via our progressive curriculum. The student will build various projects along the way, completing both assigned projects and self-chosen projects. All projects can be published as part of the student’s data science portfolio. Each student will be paired with a mentor and an instructor. The mentor guides the student’s overall development and the instructor works with them to solidify their understanding of core concepts and practice of skills. Coding learning 1:1s are personalized 1:1 programs where a student will learn coding skills in python, Javascript, Swift etc. that they can use to build powerful applications. Students get individual attention from an instructor and a flexible schedule where they can learn at their own pace. Coding learning 1:1s focus on core code concepts and advanced concepts as suitable for building AI powered solutions and applications. It is common for students to build their skills using the coding or AI learning 1:1s and then progress to a research 1:1. Coding learning 1:1s are taught by our experienced software instructors.

Which type of 1:1 is right for me?

We recommend a 20 min (free) consultation where one of our mentors will meet with you and your student. Based on your goals, we will recommend a 1:1 program and curriculum for you.

How frequent are sessions?

Typical sessions are 1 hour per week. More can be scheduled if needed (for example if the competition deadline is approaching). Few can also be scheduled (for example if the student is having school exams and needs sessions at less frequency). The schedule is completely customizable. Our coordinator will stay in touch with you and make adjustments as needed.

How frequently will I (as a parent) get updates?

A short update will be provided after every session and a more comprehensive update at the end of every four sessions. All sessions are also recorded, and the student or parent can review if desired. Recordings are posted to the student’s dedicated slack channel after each session. Parents can also request a conference call with their mentor whenever needed.

Can my student reach their instructor/mentor between sessions?

Yes. Each student has a dedicated 1:1 slack channel where they can contact their instructor or mentor at any time.

Will there be assessments of my student’s progress?

Yes. The monthly update will include these. Some assessments are standard (to measure skills development). Others are the mentor’s observations that are specific to the student’s progress on their custom goals.

How long is a typical 1:1 engagement?

It varies. The shortest research 1:1 engagements have been 4-5 sessions. Others have been as many as 20 sessions. It depends on the complexity of the student’s goal and their entry point (ie what they already know and what their skills are prior to start). Once the project has been determined and the student’s skills are evaluated - AIClub will provide an estimate of the expected number of sessions to complete the chosen project.

What are your successes?

AIClub has had many student successes. Students in our 1:1 program, in particular, have scored wins in Science Fairs such as the Golden Gate STEM fair, the San Mateo Science Fair, Technovation Girls Grand Prize, and many more.

Who are your mentors?

Our mentors all have PhDs in Computer Science and decades of industry experience in both research and industry positions. The bios of our mentors are here:

What happens if I need to cancel a class?

No problem. Just let your coordinator know. There is no charge for classes cancelled 24 hoursin advance. Classes can also be rescheduled as needed and depending on instructor availability.

How do I pay?

We will provide a registration link which we will use to record your billing information. Only completed sessions are billed. Each session is individually billed after it completes and an invoice is provided over email for each billed session. You can also request billing summaries as needed.