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What is AIClub Launchpad?

AIClub Launchpad is our continuous learning program for Middle School and High School students who are passionate about AI.

Over the past several years, we have seen many students learn with us and go on to apply their learnings to solve problems, win competitions, do internships, write research papers, and more. We realized that many students needed a platform to keep learning, to meet and to work with other students that share their interests, to connect with professionals who can inspire and mentor their growth, and to keep growing and improving their AI skills, knowledge, and expertise over time.  

This is why we created AIClub Launchpad - to provide students with this unique platform. Come join us!!

Content For The First 21 Sessions

AIClub Launchpad FAQ

Is the AIClub Launchpad in place of a class?

No. AIClub Launchpad is the new program for continuous learning - the way for students to discuss new topics, work on projects together, and hear from experts. AIClub Launchpad is complementary to AIClub classes.

How can I join?

AIClub Launchpad is currently by invitation only. If you are interested in joining, please send an email to

How often does the AIClub Launchpad meet?

Once a week for one hour. Discussions also occur online via AIClub’s learning platform.

Do I need to attend all of the meetings?

No. All sessions are recorded, and all recordings and discussions are available online.

Does the AIClub Launchpad offer mentors?

Yes. Mentors are available to help teams of students.

Does the AIClub Launchpad offer parent consultations?

Yes. Each student and their parents receive a private consultation with AIClub mentors once every three months. During this meeting, the mentors work with the students to answer questions, create plans to achieve the student’s specific goals and more.

How much does the AIClub Launchpad cost?

The AIClub Launchpad is free at this time, and will remain free till January 2022.

Does the student need to do a project?

It is not required, but AIClub Launchpad is a great place to meet fellow students and work on projects together. You can also present your work and get feedback from team members.

Do teams participate in competitions?

Yes. We have found that teams that meet through AIClub can work together very effectively to participate and win competitions.

What do students learn?

They learn about real-world AI topics like Natural Language Processing, what industry use of AI looks like, what careers look like, and also valuable professional skills such as project planning, problem solving, learning to pitch solutions and so on.

What is the value of AIClub Launchpad beyond just taking AIClub classes?

Our classes are a very effective way to focus and learn a specific topic (such as Python with AI - build a chatbot). AIClub Launchpad is the way for continuous learning, where many topics are covered and students can combine knowledge, work on projects at their own pace and also team up with other like minded students.

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