AI activities for kids and the classroom: Top 10 Hands-On Activities (Both Online and Unplugged!)

Updated: Apr 11

Fun artificial Intelligence AI activities for kids, online activities, plugged and unplugged activities

Artificial intelligence (AI) is all around our kids, yet not so much in their classrooms. In this blog we outline a set of 10 activities that kids and teachers can do, inside and outside of the classroom, to explore AI. Below you will find five connected activities that kids can do online and five unplugged activities that they can do without any internet connection.

AI Activity 1: Can AI “See”?

In this activity, kids explore how AI can understand images, whether they are pictures that we draw or pictures that we capture from a camera. Kids watch a video by Microsoft CEO Satya Nadella about how AI is important for our future. They then learn how computers see images. Next, the kids explore an AI which can identify things that they draw. This activity is suitable for kids from ages 8-14. Follow the link above for details.

AI Activity 2: How is AI different from Robots?

For most kids, their first experience with AI is in a movie with an intelligent robot. In this activity, kids learn how AI is different from robots and how we can combine AI and robots to make very cool and intelligent robots. They then do a hands-on exercise where they try an AI that can identify objects - much like the robots that they see earlier in the activity. Follow the link above for details.

AI Activity 3: Can AIs understand us?