Winning K-12 STEM Competitions - What Skills to Develop

Updated: Apr 11

How to win STEM and Artificial Intelligence AI Competitions and the skills needed

Here at AIClub, we have helped many students win STEM competitions with innovative technology projects that solve real-world problems (over 20 competition wins to date in both US national and international competitions!). In this blog, we cover some more tips and approaches that we have seen work for our kids, and what you can do to improve your chances of winning.

A critical requirement is of course to have a cool project idea. We have covered this separately in another blog - how to find a great STEM competition idea and develop it. In this blog, we cover a different (but equally important aspect), what skills you need to develop to convert your awesome idea into a winning project entry. There are four skill areas.

Technology Skills

Most STEM competitions require you to convert your awesome idea into a working prototype, or at least an experiment. This will require a mix of coding skills, AI skills, and possibly app development skills. For example

Research Skills