How to deliver a winning STEM Competition Pitch

Updated: Apr 11

How to create and deliver a winning pitch for STEM and Artificial Intelligence AI Competitions

Many Middle School and High School students that study with AIClub have gone forward to apply their learnings to participate in and win STEM competitions. Curious as to how they have done it? In this blog, we capture some tips for students looking to be successful in competitions.

Tip 1: Select a great idea

At the core of any winning competition entry, is a great idea. Where can you find a great idea? From our experience, the best competition ideas come from your own experience and interests. Do you have a problem in your community that you would like to solve? Any area, like medicine or literature that excites you? These are all great sources of ideas.

You can also look at the UN Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs) that are shown in the figure below, These show the important problems around the world that we all need to work on. This is another great source of inspiration.