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Student Successes

Over 1500 kids have taken our classes and applied their learnings to build amazingly creative solutions to all sorts of problems! See their competition wins, blogs, and projects below. 

Student Project  Blogs

Competition Wins!

AIClub students have applied their learnings to solve real-world problems, winning national and international recognition. Here are some of their recent competition wins. 

Technovation AI Challenge, North America Senior Division

 Middle School, 1st Place STEM Competition 2020

Technovation AI Challenge, North America Junior Division

Broadcom MASTERS 2020 National


Girls Programming League 2020 Challenge



Below you will find projects created by AIClub students. Each project includes a video about the project, and datasets so that you can build the project yourself. Some have live AIs that you can try directly from the project page. Projects are grouped by type so that you can pick what interests you.

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STEM (Science, Technology, Engineering and Math) Projects help students understand how to solve hard problems with innovative ideas. Examples:  detecting/diagnosing diseases to predicting the weather. 

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Social Good

Social Good projects (helping people and communities) are a great way to develop leadership, innovation and entrepreneurial skills. Examples:

Improving recycling, to helping the blind

AI Python Games

Games are a great way to peak a student’s interest in technology. When Games and AI are combined, kids develop a love of coding and learn how to build powerful applications. 

— Name, Title

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AI Python Chatbots

Chatbots are used by businesses all around the world to help customers, answer questions, recommend products, and more. Learn coding, application building, and product skills. 

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AI Powered IOS Apps

Building apps is a great way for students to express creativity and solve real-world problems. They learn important skills - how to build smart mobile apps and how to improve the app for their users. 

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Recommender Systems

AI is used in many businesses to recommend products to their users. Kids learn how to harness AI  recommend music, books etc. They learn entrepreneurship and product development.


AI is used in medical applications like diagnosing diabetic retinopathy and detecting risk for heart disease. Students analyze real-world medical data and build AI powered medical apps.

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And More!

We are constantly amazed by the new ideas our students come up to use and apply artificial intelligence! Check our some of these unusual and innovative projects.

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